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What We Do


WastedInkSpace is the home of the Wastedinkspace Series, The Weekly Comet, and Accompanying Voice Apps.

We produce and publish independent content.
Our studio offers creators and small businesses the skills to help bring their content to life. We do this by Creating custom artworks inspired by the work you create, Valuing your voice, your brand, and your style, and adding new dimensions to your product experience. 


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Studio Services

Along with our in-house products, we make Books and Music Covers, Websites, Product Landing Pages, and Custom Voice Skills.

Our hearts are with creators;  Authors, Musicians, Podcasters, Journalists, Entrepreneurs. While you pour your hearts and souls into the work you do, our job is to design the brand, technology strategy, and product experiences that will help your products stand out.



Products & Apps

WastedInkSpace Voice App

  This voice app can tell you a joke, a poem, or a short story. . Start by saying: “Alexa, Open Wasted ink space” 

The Weekly Comet

Add some comedic and satirical content to your day by adding The Weekly Comet to your flash briefing. The Weekly Comet is a satirical paper from the fictional City of Comets. 

Up and Up Voice App

A voice game where the user must tries to give as many consecutive numbers as possible in a given sequence. Start by saying: “Alexa, Play Up and Up.”

The WastedInkSpace Store

Shop our collection of art, posters, and other things. 

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